Communities Set Up Pantries Across the Country to help those in need

As lockdowns are still up in many places across the Philippines due to rising daily COVID-19 cases. The more struggle to put food on their table in order to survive on daily life.

“Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan. (Give whatever you can, take only what you need.)”

This was written on the sign hanging on the top of the newly erected “Community Pantry” in Maginhawa, Quezon City. Came from the idea of a woman, set up a bamboo cart pantry beside a tree in Maginhawa Street in Quezon City and fill it with different necessity goods.

According to the woman behind the Maginhawa Community Pantry, Ana Patricia Anon, community effort is needed to set up this kind of pantry. She also said, we really need to help each other in order to survive and she does not afford to be the only one who providing goods.

This is proven that through crisis, we are able to help each other. And less than a week since this set up has been started, other communities around the Philippines started to set up their own.

Below, are some community pantries that are popped-out not just in Metro Manila but also across the nearby provinces.

Diocese of Kalookan’s pantry at San Roque Cathedral

Diocese of Caloocan in Caloocan, Manila
Photo courtesy: CBCP News

Community Pantry in Boracay

Pantry in Bulabog, Balabag, Boracay
Photo Courtesy: Fritz Mendez

Matimyas Workers Pantry

Matimyas Street in Sampaloc, Manila
Photo courtesy: Defend Jobs Philippines

Bayombong Community Pantry

Bayombong Community Pantry in Byombong, Nuve Vizcaya
Photo courtesy: Bayombong Community Pantry Facebook Page

Matiyaga Community Pantry

Matiyaga Community Pantry
Photo courtesy: Elijah San Fernando


Photo Courtesy: Abolisyon

If you still don’t have a community pantry on where you live, you don’t need a lot of things to setup in your barangay. The Non-government organization Abolisyon gave us four easy tips.

First, ask your family and friends if they want to help – you can do this by messaging them or tagging them on your Facebook group chat. Second, list down all the essential needs – from foods and furniture, you’ll assemble to put your mini-pantry – on an Excel Spreadsheet. Afterwards, look or find a location that is frequently seen and accessible to many people. Then, set up your own pantry, add signage, and let your fellow ka-barangay or locals know about your pantry.

Community pantries show to us on how we can help each other through big or in a small ways.

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