Dew the Movie (Let’s Go Together) ดิว ไปด้วยกันนะ – Thai BL Film (2019)

Dew the Movie (Let’s Go Together) is a 2019 Thai BL movie produced by CJ Major Entertainment and was directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul, the maker of the acclaimed Love of Siam and Grean Fictions.

The movie tells more about romantic love between two boys but the circumstances are they pursue their feelings to each other and having a relationship.

23 years later, they meet but with the other people, in the other term is the reincarnation from another body. This is also the era where there are more tolerance and acceptance in same-sex relationships or what we called the homosexuals.

In this Thai BL movie was starring by the most promising young BL actor, Ohm Pawat (he plays as Dew, main character) and his relatively a newcomer partner in this movie Nont Sadanont Durongkhaweroj (plays as Pob).


Pop and Dew are friends who study at the same school but slowly realize, that there might be something more than friendship between them. Unfortunately, they live in an era which isn’t open to homosexuals and thus the two get separated only to meet 23 years later. (Source: MyDramaList)


Watch the two Official Trailers:

Dew the Movie Official Trailer #1
Dew the Movie Official Trailer #2

In the Official Teaser they have some hints or spoiler from it. But Director Chookiat will shock you in some twists and turns some scenes from this movie. I will not speak more about this movie. It is very worth it to watch that will make you cry and inspired.

In this film also tries to capture difficult times for young homosexuals (in Thailand but also in the Asia Pacific). They are the youth were called “sexual deviance” and they forced themselves to attend a military training or military service to get rid of their gayness behavior.


If you are looking for the Official Soundtracks you can listen this:

I’m not Alone (Vocal by Zach Holmes & Neny) – SpringTree (Official Audio)
บอกตัวเอง – Room39 Feat. โป่ง ปฐมพงศ์ (Official MV)

This movie is now available on Netflix but Thailand only. We are hoping to release it also in Asia Pacific Countries also to all watch this wonderful and meaningful movie of all time.

I was also shocked by all the twists that made in this movie. You will not escape from the sadness and in pain.

I will create a movie review to this movie but before that, you must watch it first.

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